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Let Them Bee Little

Wild Imagination

Wild Imagination

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New and updated for 2022 this beautiful book won’t look out of place on your coffee table. Full of engaging activities for children aged 2-10 years, Wild Imagination: Nature Craft Projects for Kids is beautiful, practical and easy to use.

You will discover new ideas for outdoor play, and also find ways to bring nature indoors - perfect for those times when you're stuck inside.

Wild Imagination includes more than 150 stunning full colour photographs, accompanied by simple and easy-to-follow instructions.

The activities are open-ended, allowing children to use their imaginations and create dozens of things from one activity prompt. This book shows actual creations made by children and does not encourage all crafts to turn out looking the same. Instead, the activities can boost creativity, problem solving and persistence. Nature play also improves fine motor skills, physical strength and coordination.

The book suggests ways to customise the project to suit those things readily available where you live, reducing the need for those annoying one time craft purchases which can start to add up!

Inside the book you will find more than 20 nature play activities that are practical and easy to implement, including:

  • Flower crowns
  • Fabric printing
  • Wood whittling
  • Pocket press
  • Stick people
  • Magic potions
  • Nature masks
  • Mud cakes
  • Christmas wreath
  • Nature paintbrushes and many more.

Also included are 'School Holiday Projects' that combine a number of activities and take longer to complete, as well as photocopy pages and top activities for each season.

Printed on sustainably sourced paper this book is the perfect backpack size and easy to manage for little hands. A wonderful resource for early years and primary teachers, home schoolers, parents, grandparents and anyone seeking more nature play ideas.

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